Hautfarben Buntstifte für alle

About us

Our mission & our projects

Skin Color ≠ Pink!
Each of us is unique and that is a good thing. With our skin color pencils, children can finally paint themselves and their friends the way they really look like.

Our skin colors products help parents, educators and pedagogues to ensure more representation in education and to break stereotypes. Because the lonely pink colored pencil from the conventional colored pencil sets does not live up to its name. 

For an open society
On the way to a more open society, many different approaches are needed. With Skin Colors, we are focusing on the youngest members of our society. Through our products, children can discover the value of diversity for themselves.

Because children are born without prejudices. In order to prevent stereotypes from being learned unconsciously at a young age, education and awareness-raising by us as parents, educators or caregivers play a major role. In this way, we make an important contribution on the way to a more open, prejudice-free society.

Charitable projects instead of profit
All profits from the sale of our products benefit the non-profit integration projects of the organizations GoVolunteer and HiMate.

The NGO GoVolunteer
GoVolunteer brings social projects together with people who want to help. We are committed to an open, solidary society that everyone can help shape through their own committed contribution. On GoVolunteer.com you will find a social commitment that suits you: from integration work and help for refugees to work with children and the elderly to support for democratic participation, equality, feminism, climate protection and nature conservation. 

The project Engagierte Newcomer:innen
The project ""Engagierte Newcomer:innen"" enables refugees and migrants more participation in society and a quick start in the German labor market.

Organization HiMate!
HiMate brings people from different cultural and financial backgrounds together on an equal footing - with free vouchers for cultural events and common leisure activities.