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Here we answer all your questions about our skin color products and shipping.

Shipping and returns

The delivery time varies depending on the order size, order volume and destination country. If you order by 12 o'clock noon, your goods will be packed and sent with DHL on the same day on weekdays. So you should normally be able to receive your goods after 2 to 3 days. Deliveries abroad can take a little longer.

Innerhalb Deutschlands:
Below 1kg: 2,70€
From 1kg: 4,50€

Below 0,5kg: 4,99€
0,5kg to 1kg: 11,99€
From 1kg-3kg: 14,99€
From 3kg: 16,99€

Outside of the EU:
Under 1kg: 17,50€
From 1kg: 21,99€

If you are dissatisfied with our products, you can of course return them to us unused. Simply visit our returns portal and enter your order number and the email address you used when making the purchase. Alternatively, you can also enter the shipment number and the postal code. After the arrival of the goods we will refund you the money.

Orders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg are possible via our online shop. If you would like to order from another country, please send us a short email to

Would you prefer to buy our products locally in a store near you? Write us a short email with your place of residence and zip code to We will then send you the name and address of a suitable store near you.


We are also happy to accept your order by invoice. Simply send us an email with your order to

About the products

We consciously avoid plastic in our products.

Our skin colors pencils carry the CE seal and are based on vegetable cellulose, stearin and white clay, all of which are purely natural substances. The casing is made of wood from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed German forests.
The colored pencils have a soft, high-fat graphite that is good for various drying techniques, drawing and mixing. In general, the products are highly pigmented and of high quality. Therefore, they are also suitable for artists.

Our wax painters are made of paraffin.

The cover of the coloring book is printed on environmentally friendly, PEFC-certified natural cardboard.

The “puzzle for diversity” consists of environmentally friendly cardboard and special linen embossed paper. This minimizes reflections and light reflections on the puzzle. The alignment and length of the cellulose fibers are also optimally matched to puzzles.

Sustainable, local and fair supply chains are an integral part of our philosophy. All products are produced under fair working conditions:

Our skin-colored pencils are manufactured by the Staedtler company in Germany.

Our skin color crayons are made by CCHobby (creative company) based in Denmark.

Our “Coloring Book for Diversity” are produced by Egger Druck based in Germany.

Our “Puzzle for Diversity” is manufactured by the Ravensburger company in Germany.

With our products, we want to bring the value of diversity closer to children in particular. We therefore recommend all products from the age of 3 years.

By the way: The products are also great food for thought for adults and artists.

Yes, our skin colors crayons are waterproof.

Together with diversity experts and artists, we have selected 12 shades with which different skin tones can be drawn as realistically as possible. Of course, 12 color tones alone can never represent the diversity of human skin tones. However with these 12 different color tones you can create a scope for many options to match individual skin tones.

1 purchase = 1 good deed.

The sale of our skin color pencils is purely non-profit. This means that 100% of the profit flows into social projects and thus back into our society. Each purchase corresponds to a donation to GoVolunteer and enables the implementation of integration projects such as "Engagierte Newcomer:innen" or HiMate.

Our products are manufactured in Germany and Denmark under fair conditions. But we believe that a diverse society, a healthy earth and happy workers are worth a small extra charge.

I have another question.

Whom can I contact?

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to Alternatively, you can contact us via DM on Facebook (Hautfarben-Buntstifte) or Instagram (Hautfarben_Buntstifte).

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